Some pictures of our magnificent Australorps.

You can see why we are addicted to the breed. We trust that you will enjoy them!


Within the current standards book, the only two colours for Australorps are Black and Blue in both Large & Bantams.

The Australorp Club's committee has put forward a White standard for consideration for the upgrade of the new standards  book. The new book is possibly 12 months to 2 years away.

The Australorp Standards, including the White proposal, is available to view within this website.

Blacks, Blues and Whites are in the standards (or pending standards) for Australia, Great Britain, Germany, The Netherlands and Denmark. The USA still only has Black & Blue.
Each of the above countries has an active Australorp Club and websites, in some cases.

Look for the websites on our "Great Links" page.

There are Buff varieties of the Australorp also bred in South Africa.

Colour combinations of reds, buffs, and blue-white splashes are not a recognised entity, and are not to be considered when judging Australorps in Australia.  

We also will be adding more great pictures of member's fowls to give you an idea of what is being bred in Australia.

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