I'm 69 years old, a qualified master shipwright, now retired from my custom super-yacht boatbuilding business, plus I have a restricted electrical licence. I'm just applying custom boatbuilding methods to one of my other interests, poultry.

The machines, (any size machine), are drawn in CAD, then sail-design software simulates airflow analysis establishing the size/placement of fans, heaters, etc, the drawings then are converted to cut files for CNC-cutting by my panel fabricators. They start there as flat packs and finished off here. Sound all too easy, but the secret is the feedback from my test pilots, experienced Ozzie breeders. In addition my machines are in commercial hatcheries, at Aust universities doing accelerated-cycle ageing, etc., in vet surgeries incubating vaccines, warming milk in piggeries, hatching and brooding $$$$ parrots, etc.

Cheers, Bob

Yours sincerely

Bob Peel

The Pelrose Trust ABN 14 502 488 069

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Automatic Egg Incubators and Hatchers

Truly automatic egg incubators and hatchers.
The clear frontrunners with feature-laden professional equipment for the commercial and for the serious breeder alike.

Unique GREATLANDER features

  • Dual-Mode Humidity - Including cool micro-mist for hot & dry weather running
  • Segregated Hatching Chamber (Top Hatch models) - Soft air flow. Lint filters that trap chick fluff
  • Disinfecting Function - Incubate only your eggs NOT the pathogens that colonise incubators
  • Dual Heating Elements Switched Independently - Economy and Boost Modes
  • Colourbond Insulated Panel Construction - Colourbond Non-Combustible Foam Sandwich
    Check also the range of GREATLANDER equipment
  • OFFSPRING small bench top incubators
  • Poultry Pluckers for Chicken, Duck, Turkey, Goose, Quail, Pigeon
  • Poultry Scalders with stable electric thermostat control
  • Killing Funnels
  • Keeping Equipment, Accessories & Spares

GREATLANDER is an EESS & ERAC registered Responsible Electrical Equipment Supplier.

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